I tested BlanQuil’s 15 lb weighted blanket and was very surprised by how it works.

Blanquil Weighted blanket 2019

Blanquil Weighted blanket have been used to treat everything from behavioral and sensory disorders to anxiety, depression, autism and insomnia – Mageblanket weighted blanket work by using the deepest and most basic reactions of the body.

Testing the 15 lb BlanQuil blanket

Last week I started sleeping with the BlanQuil 15 lb weighted blanket and I’ve been in good sleep for seven nights in a row.I slept faster and almost always slept all night, waking up about the next morning in the same position. It’s a quiet sleep.I can’t really say if it has improved my mood, or if it’s just a side effect of improving sleep, but since I started using it, my mood has improved markedly and I’m energetic.


I want it to be wider. (it’s personal-sized at 48″x74″ )
The price is very high. ( $169 – $199. )


  1. Weight doesn’t move at night.
  2. The removable lid makes it more versatile in seasonality.

But these are the prices I’m willing to pay for deep sleep.

I was surprised and impressed by the impact of the BlanQuil blanket on my sleep quality, especially given that I hadn’t realised what improvements were yet to be completed.

BlanQuil Weighted Blanket Materials

The top floor is made for polyester.Here, we lose air permeability, but increase durability and arguable comfort.On the inside, we do have 100% cotton.Weight is added here by poly particles, the most popular options are comprehensive, but unlike most other brands, these particles are ultra-dense and, to be honest, it feels very similar to glass beads.

Is it Worth it in 2019?

I’m not a fan of polymer coverings, even if they’re easier to clean and feel good, and not a fan of the lack of overall choice.The 20 lbs weighted blanket build is great. If you are in the market for a weighted blanket in the 20lbs range, and you don’t mind the lack of customization options, then you have to check out the BlanQuil.