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Question 1:

What are two ways that MX security appliances achieve automatic failover and high availability? (Choose two.)

A. Always on (availability groups)

B. Survivable Remote Site Technology (SRST)

C. Warm spare (using VRRP)

D. Redundant gateways (using HSRP)

E. Dual redundant uplink support (multiple ISPs)

Correct Answer: CE

Question 2:

Which two are Cisco recommended controller options for deployment of up to 150 AP\’s? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco 8540 WLC

B. Cisco 3504 WLC

C. Cisco 5508 WLC

D. Cisco 5520 WLC

E. Cisco mobility Express

Correct Answer: BE

Question 3:

What is Meraki\’s core vision and value proposition?

A. To operate in increasingly mobile, modern networks by delivering preventative protection without compromising performance

B. To provide a complete cloud-managed IT solution through simplifying powerful technology

C. To lead in the invention and development of the industry\’s most advanced information technologies

D. To shape the future of the internet by creating opportunities for the investors and ecosystem partners

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

Which are two characteristics of Cisco Umbrella? (Choose two.)

A. Improve Application Performance

B. Delivered from the cloud

C. Subscription-based model

D. Provides protection when on the VPN

E. Simple manual installation of hardware

Correct Answer: BE

Question 5:

Which two statements regarding Cisco\’s wireless product offerings are true? (Choose two.)

A. The Aironet 3800 is geared for the small and medium-size business, especially teleworkers.

B. The portfolio of wireless solutions can meet the size of the network and customer requirements.

C. The Cisco Wireless portfolio was built to support on-premises enterprise and business class solutions only.

D. Wireless solutions are the same for on-premises enterprise and business class customers.

E. Cisco Meraki\’s MR 30H and MR 33 are 802.11AC access point with dedicated security.

Correct Answer: AE

Question 6:

Which three products are in the Cisco Calling portfolio? (Choose three.)

A. Unified Communications Manager

B. Webex Calling

C. Business Edition

D. Skype for Business

E. Mobility Express

F. IP Office

Correct Answer: ABC

Question 7:

Which are two features of the Cisco 1100 or 4000 series ISR router product lines? (Choose two.)

A. Unified communications with series build apps for Cisco TDM

B. Advanced LTE backup connectivity offering network resiliency for business continuity

C. Cloud-based hardware management

D. Limited connectivity options

E. 50 to 200 Mbps WAN connections with rich branch services – the same services found at HQ

Correct Answer: BE

Question 8:

Which two functions are provided by Scale out / compute intensive applications C4200 and C125 M5? (Choose two.)

A. Distributed databases

B. Microprocessor design

C. Cloud computing

D. AI/ML with dense GPUs

E. Low-frequency trading transactions

Correct Answer: AB

Question 9:

Which two features of the Cisco catalyst 1100 ISR router deliver a high performance and high-quality experience? (Choose two.)

A. Mobility express to simplify wireless deployment and operation

B. Application hosting

C. 802.11ac Wi-Fi support

D. WAN and application optimization with WAAS

E. Unified communications with series build apps for Cisco TDM

Correct Answer: AC

Question 10:

Which two characteristics differentiate the Meraki Dashboard from competing network management interfaces? (Choose two.)

A. Centralized single pane of glass for access and management

B. Instantaneous access to virtualized applications

C. Built-in live chat for on-demand troubleshooting support

D. Intuitive cloud-based user interface

E. Comprehensive aggregator of multi-vendor networks

Correct Answer: AD

Question 11:

How does Cisco Business-Class SMB switches provide two simplified managements? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco Prime Infrastructure Support

B. Limited scalability and hardware choices

C. Uncompromised security enabled by TrustSec and Identify Services Engine (ISE)

D. Standalone Configuration with Web GUI

E. Integrated live tools for fast troubleshooting

Correct Answer: AD

Question 12:

What is the right approach to achieve secure infrastructure against attack requirements of WAN connectivity?

A. Monitoring application performance

B. Operational simplicity for server infrastructure

C. Simple and agile service deployment model

D. Introduce Advanced Threat Defense solution

Correct Answer: D

Question 13:

What are the two features licenses (subscriptions) available for MX security appliances? (Choose two.)

A. Comprehensive

B. Advanced security

C. Enterprise

D. Essential

E. Defended

Correct Answer: BC

Question 14:

Which are three SKUs for Mobility Express? (Choose three.)

A. AIR-AP2802I-K9

B. AIR-AP1815W-x-K9

C. AIR-AP1815I-K9C

D. AIR-AP3802I-K9C

E. AIR-AP1852I-K9

F. AIR-AP2802I-K9C

Correct Answer: BCF

Question 15:

Which two tools allow administrator to maximize the security of their Dashboard management accounts? (Choose two.)

A. Captcha challenge-response tests

B. Local (direct) access only policies

C. Role-based administration

D. Biometric authentication

E. Two-factor authentication

Correct Answer: CE